Want to learn a lot of Scrum details in a pretty fun and very collaborative way? These decks may be part of the solution.

With five topics – Product Backlog, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Development Team, and Sprint Planning – you can challenge yourself and your Team in your Scrum knowledge. And maybe learn something new.

Each deck contains the instructions and necessary label cards, plus of course the statement cards that you have to try to categorise appropriately. On the back of each statement card I’ve written my opinion. The point isn’t that that would be the only correct answer, but that it gives a point to reflect on.

Each deck takes from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much conversation you want to have.

Sadly, these ones aren’t currently for sale. But I do have still some spare copies left, so if you’d like to have one, please write to me and ask nicely :). I’d love to send you a deck. And to compensate, maybe donate an appropriate amount to some charity or to Ukraine.