If you are interested in a private CSM course, please contact me through email at petri.heiramo@gmail.com. A list of my currently scheduled public CSM courses can be found from the Scrum Alliance Course Search.

ScrumMaster’s role is often pivotal in the successful use of Scrum. And I’m not meaning organizing meetings and ensuring that there’s enough coffee in the team’s kitchen. Anyone can do those. I’m talking about the real responsibilities that require a master of Scrum – observing and providing feedback to the Development Team and PO, helping the Development Team jell, visualizing information in the system, being an organisational change agent, supporting the Development Team’s self-organisation, and so on.

In this course, we will set the foundations for a path towards that mastery. In these first steps, we will look at things like:

  • Experience the power of iterative and incremental learning
  • Deep-dive into the foundations behind Scrum and Agile
  • Explore Scrum’s flow, roles and artefacts
  • Find out how to help a team jell and how the ScrumMaster role changes as the team matures
  • Study what makes user stories so powerful and useful
  • Try out Release Planning and learn how to help Product Owners successfully plan for future

This course is great not just for ScrumMasters. Development Team members will find the information invaluable in their work within the team. Managers will get solid understanding on how the projects need to work and how to create an energizing workplace. People with little experience with Scrum will walk out with solid foundation for further learning. People with prior experience will get a great chance to reflect on their use of Scrum and Agile, and will add nuances to their understanding.

The trainer guarantees that there will be no PowerPoint slides. Instead, the course is full of exercises and group conversations. There will be plenty of opportunities for your questions.

After participating on the course, the participants are certified as Certified ScrumMasters (CSM) by Scrum Alliance. Of course, this is just one step, albeit an important one, in your learning path, and can be used in your application for Certified Scrum Professional certificate later on that path.

The courses can be taught in Finnish or English, but materials are in English.