In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this is what data we collect, store, and why, plus how we store it, protect it, and allow you to remove your information from our records.

What data we collect

In order for us to provide our trainings and certifications, we need to have your name, email address, dietary restrictions, and invoicing information. We might also need some other information regarding the practical arrangements of the trainings or coaching sessions. We will also keep a record of the permissions you give us for the use and storage of your data.

We might have your phone number in our phone, in case you’ve called us (or we’ve found it necessary to call you after you’ve given us your phone number). We don’t usually ask for the number since we don’t usually need it for anything.

We also keep a history of email messages, so that we can refer to them in the future, if needed.

How we store and protect your data

All emails are stored and protected by Google’s G Suite service. We don’t use any on-device email applications. Passwords are never written down and known only by people who absolutely have to know (in order respond to your emails).

Participant lists are mainly digital and stored on computers with encrypted hard drives and password protection. Mobile phones and tables, which are sometimes used if we need to take a picture of the participant list, are passcode protected. Passcodes are only known to people who absolutely need to know them.

Backups of our devices are in the cloud, to ensure their protection (assuming the iCloud service we use isn’t compromised).

Paper records are destroyed after we no longer need them (with a shredder).

What we use your data for

The data we collect is used to deliver our training and coaching services to you. We need to register you to Scrum Alliance, we need to send you extra information, and agree with you all the many practical details of the events.

You might also want to write to us and then we discuss. We keep the history of email conversations so that we can refer to them later, if needed.

We also reserve the right to send you messages using your email address, in case there is something urgent or important we need to share with you regarding your participation in our trainings. We will not be sending any unsolicited marketing email without your explicit permission.

What if you don’t give us a right to manage your data?

Unfortunately it is then impossible for us to offer your our training and coaching services. There just isn’t any way to do it. I’m sorry.

Requesting and updating your information

If you want to know what information we have of you, just send an email. We don’t have any automated processes for that.

If you want to inform us of changes in your personal data, we will update our records.

Forgetting you

If you want us to forget you, with any associated data removal, sure we can do it, at least partially. I can delete all emails I’ve ever received from you personally. I don’t think I can remove your email address from sent copies of my emails when there are multiple participants. I can remove your name and other personal data from all files I have in my computer (participant lists).

Please do note, I cannot remove your name and information from old accounting records.

If you wish to remove your information from Scrum Alliance, I can help you do that, but in that process you would then lose your certification and Scrum Alliance membership.