First of all, welcome to my new website!

Or more precisely, the same website, but with a new appearance. So it just looks new. But anyways, welcome!

Thanks all the people who actually made it happen – you know who you are.

As part of the transition process, I actually went through all the content I had written over the years. I’m surprised, there isn’t actually all that much. I used to write more in the beginning, but then many other responsibilities started taking my time and writing just faded out. And I can’t really promise that would change in the future, either. With a wife, two kids and a house under renovations, there are many many things that demand my attention.

Second, and this is the topic of this simple post, I found out that things have not changed all that much in 10 years. Here’s some things that I wrote back then:

  • I wrote about Dan Pink and his TED talk about motivation. I still do, because the value of that talk hasn’t reduced over the years. It’s still “news” to many people.
  • “I emphasized that Agile isn’t a cost savings scheme but a value increasing scheme.” This message is also still relevant today.
  • The five things I mentioned as critical to Agile project success are still just as valid as 10 years ago.

But some things have changed

Ten years ago I was asking for a new way to lead organisations, and that there really aren’t such companies yet. Now there are. Finland is nowadays full of examples of companies living the Agile values, and many of them are redefining their industries, or at least doing very well.

I also wrote about two types of Scrum – story-driven and goal-driven. Yes, the majority of Scrum is still story-driven, but there’s an increasing amount of awareness of goal-driven Scrum and some people are actually using it. Also, back then, I wasn’t quite sure how to do it, but now I have a much clearer idea :).

And some things I have forgotten…

I find it curious that I have forgotten some of the blogs I’ve posted over years, even if I now find them really good.

For example, in On Relative and Absolute Quality, I’m impressed by how well I’ve articulated my views and provided surprisingly concrete suggestions on how act on the different aspects. It makes me kinda proud for my past self :).